All Cascade Coil products are manufactured by skilled wire workers at factory in Tualatin, Oregon USA. Wire and other component parts are all purchased from American manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

As 95% or more of Cascade Coil products are manufactured to custom specifications, domestic manufacturing and sourcing is a must to assure reliable, quality and timely product delivery. Most of Cascade Coil’s major suppliers have been working with the company for its entire 25-year history. Cascade prefers to have strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with its vendors. When unusual needs come up, Cascade Coil’s vendors respond.

It is a permanent material that’s lightweight and easy-to-install. The fabric is flameproof, has a low life cycle cost and is ideal for safety applications due to its superior strength and energy absorption qualities. It is also low maintenance: the metal tone finishes will not fade or darken and the material tends to shed dust. It stays clean with an occasional brushing or vacuuming.

From undulating, reflective ceiling treatments above the stage to glistening multi-story wire mesh draperies in luxury hotels and casinos…from curved dividers in auto showrooms to stunning draperies in private homes… from decorative interior/exterior wall coverings for buildings and parking garages…from safety screening in industrial settings to sculptural forms in urban gardens…from aviary wire cloth netting in zoos to dramatic backdrops in television studios…from non-intimidating see-through barriers for commercial security to functional, yet fashionable, space dividers anywhere.

Cascade Coil’s woven wire fabric is a creative choice of material for designers looking for light control and modulation; area or crowd control; visual freedom; security; and free flow of air, sound and even potential output from sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. The special properties of the material — its innumerable support points and flexible round weave — make it an effective solution for decorating, partitioning and securing structures and spaces of all kinds.