Markilux has you covered with a range of durable and beautifully designed outdoor shading systems to help you make the most of your outdoor area. Bringing together the best in design, functionality and architectural style with 40 years’ experience in technical research and innovation, Markilux can provide a solution to protect your outdoor areas, windows, balconies and even skylights with custom made systems using the world’s best materials and textiles.
Outdoor awnings provide a great feature for your outside area, there are many styles to choose from. We recommend choosing something that fits with the rest of your home.
The entire range of Markilux awning products is designed and manufactured in Germany to the most stringent of quality standards. This guarantees that only the best outdoor blinds and folding arm awnings can be made available to discerning customers all over Australia.
Markilux also employs the latest technology so that your outdoor awnings become a seamless extension of your home. Markilux awnings can be operated with the simple press of a button and can even be programmed to automatically adjust to environmental changes including temperature, wind strength/direction and sunlight. You can even incorporate heating and lighting into your outdoor shading system to experience the ultimate in luxury living.
Today, with rising energy costs and environmental considerations, it is important to maximise the ability to regulate your household’s temperature, ensuring that your living areas stay warm in winter and cool in summer. The quality of the glass used in windows is one consideration, as is the use of internal blinds and curtains. However, the effect of external awnings can be very powerful when it comes to protecting your home from the elements and maximising energy efficiency. The designs available today are visually stunning and are now found in the best home design magazines adding flair and functionality to modern homes.
Discover the Markilux range and don’t forget that every awning is custom built to your specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your project..

MARKILUX shading systems are designed to allow effortless incorporation into your everyday living – they can even do the thinking for you and adjust automatically in response to climatic changes. You can also add luxury accessories like heating and ambient LED lighting to an awning in your outdoor area.