The galaxy MX-1 is a combination of a protective canopy and awning in one. The stylish and unique designed cassette creates a 62cm permanent canopy when the awning is fully retracted providing extra protection from the elements. The MX-1 design is flush mounted, sealing the gap between the awning and the wall.

You can personalise your galaxy MX-1 with the option of lighting in the canopy by way of LED spots facing up or down. In the front profile you have lighting options of LED line, LED spots or the striking LED illumination of the front profile. Added shading protection can achieved by a motorised shadeplus in the front profile.

Available in a wide range of frame colours including two-tone combinations.


  • Flush mounted to wall with brackets concealed
  • Covers available in Sunsilk SNC, Sunvas SNC & Perla FR
  • Powder coating in 6 standard and 213 custom colour
  • Full cassette design protects arms and cover from the weather
  • Arms with bionic tendon technology
  • Front profile with integrated rain gutter & concealed drainage spouts
  • Optional LED illumination in various colours including dimmable option except for front profile spots


  • Max. Width single unit system: 7M
  • Max. Projection single unit: 4.37 M
  • Pitch adjustment of 5-25 degrees


  • Motorisation in standard and remote controlled


  • 5 Years

Optional Accessories:

  • ECR – extra corrosion protection for coastal environments
  • Infrared heating & Hotspot
  • Motorisation sensors – vibrabox, sun & wind

  • Shadeplus – extendable valance, motorised operation only
  • LED spots in canopy facing up/down
  • LED spots in front profile

  • LED line in the front profile
  • LED illuminated front profile