If you are installing your retractable awning under an eave or building overhang your awning doesn’t need maximum protection, (the overhang forms its own protection from the elements), and will allow the open awning to work well for you. It is also a more cost effective option. Folding arm awnings, also known as retractable awnings are highly sought after for good reason. A moveable joint contained, along with the awning fabric, in a cassette mounted on a wall allows these awnings to be stowed or folded away and conveniently stored when not in use. The awning arms contain springs that push the arms open through a bionic tendon in the elbow of the awning, extending out the fabric cover when open.

Retractable awnings: benefits uncovered

While retractable or folding arm awnings are increasingly seen as a ‘go-to’ product for astute homeowners, they do involve considerable outlay and therefore represent a financial commitment.

homeowners for the first time about their options, is to point out the important differences between non-retractable and retractable or folding arm awnings. As a rule of thumb, a non-retractable awning is a lower cost item that doesn’t require a significant investment. Many of these products are exceptionally well-made and can go a long way to creating the right vibe for your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Complete with an eye-catching fabric that co-ordinates with décor, they’re a great asset to any home and a good shading solution for the right setting.

Where non-retractable awnings aren’t so successful is in locations where versatility is key, such as over a deck that needs sun at certain times and shade at others. And of course, in situations where windy conditions are a factor, a non-retractable awning can be a liability. Strong winds and non-retractable awnings simply don’t mix! In some cases, an awning that can’t be stowed away when the winds are high can even be a safety hazard! This is where folding arm awnings, come into play. They are generally a higher cost item, but may turn out to be a better long term investment. 


The Neo by Helioscreen is the ultimate semi cassette awning for convenience, protection, and affordability.