Weatherproof Pergola system  are a great solution for sun exposure and excessive heat caused when enjoying the outdoors. With three different pergola designs available, there is a solution for every house and patio. There is a wide choice of patterns and fabric choices and with 56 colours available for the hardware it’s a simple task to pair the right combination with an existing deck or garden.

There are retractable pergola solutions, which offer the opportunity to add Tempura patio heating, LED lighting, and other accessories. With strong fabrics and carefully calculated profiles, pergolas can be configured for all conditions, from extreme wind and rain to uneven surfaces and scenarios where retracting shade may be required on a regular basis. Pergola designs can be as flexible as your needs require.

Our Pergola system:

  • 5 year warranty
  • 100% Waterproof fabric
  • Maximum projection 8-10m
  • Maximum width up to 9m in single system
  • Optional integrated LED lighting
  • High grade aluminium and stainless steel parts
  • Custom installation options
  • Over 120 standard frame colours
  • Rated up to 11 on Beaufort wind scale
  • Wind and rain sensors available

Somfy Motor

Bliss Luxury Awnings QBBC Licensed

Corradi Palladia

The pergola roof system offers users a progressive range of sophisticated systems that can withstand the harshest elements and compliment any outdoor area.