The understated elegance of the Palladia compliments the design aesthetic of any existing architecture. Made of aluminium and stainless steel the Palladia anchors to your wall to create an extension and evolution of your indoor space. When open around the perimeter, its structure emphasises the lines of the front nodes, lending itself to the timeless classic.

The patented retractable roof system uses the unique multi-layer material, Eclipse, which blocks water and UV rays and has a soft fabric texture. Along with anti-drip technology and integrated gutters, which channel water to manage rain run-off, your outdoor room is sure to stay dry.

Guaranteed to withstand gale force winds of up to 50 kph, the Palladia is available as single or adjoining modules to create a space of any size. The Palladia is custom made for you.

Enclose your Outdoor Room with: fixed, sliding, multi-fold aluminium shutters, sliding glass doors, or motorised weather/shade/insect screens.


  • Weatherproof, Block water and UV rays.
  • Anti-drip technology and integrated gutters, channel water to manage rain run-off.
  • Withstand gale force winds of up to 50 kph.


  • Motorisation in standard and remote controlled.


  • 5 Years